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Aalst, W.Th. van (1856-1927)
Asseler, Th. (1823-1879)
Beers, H.C.M. van (1890-1964)
Bellot, Dom P. (1876-1944)
Bever, C.H. de (1897-1965)
Bleijs, A.C. (1842-1912)
Boerbooms, J.W. (1849-1899)
Boeyinga, B.T. (1886-1969)
Boosten, A.J.N. (1893-1951)
Buskens, P.G. (1872-1939)
Campen, Jacob van (1595-1657)
Coepijn, W.C. (1838-1909)
Cuypers, J.Th.J. (1861-1949)
Cuypers, P.J.H. (1827-1921)
Dongen, J.G.A. van (1896-1973)
Franssen, C.J.H. (1860-1932)
Franssen, J.G.C. (1893-1968)
Genk, P.J. van (1844-1919)
Gils, J.W.A. van (1864-1919)
Groenendael, J.H. van (1863-1919)
Groenendael, J.H.H. van (1868-1942)
Groenendael, N.J.H. van (1864-1932)
Halteren, J.J.M. van (1893-1973)
Hardeman, C.A. (1893-1961)
Hoogevest, G. van (1887-1968)
Hurks, J.M. (1890-1977)
Jantzen, F.B. (1896-1987)
Keldermans family (15th - 16th centuries)
Kayser, J.H.J. Sr.(1842-1917)
Kayser, J.H.J. Jr. (1879-1963)
Keyser, H. de (1565-1621)
Koldewey, B.J. (1895-1958)
Kooken, L.J.P. (1867-1940)
Kroes, H. (1864-1963)
Kroes, W.C.A. (1896-1942)
Kropholler, A.J. (1881-1973)
Kuipers, Tj. (1857-1942)
Leeuwenberg, G.M. (1899-1967)
Leur, H.C. van de (1898-1994)
Margry, E.J. (1841-1891)
Molenaar, N. sr. (1850-1930)
Molenaar, N. jr. (1892-1973)
Molkenboer, Th. (1796-1863)
Moorsel, C.M. van (1892-1962)
Nauta, A. (1882-1946)
Onvlee, H. (1885-1923)
Oomen brothers
Peutz, F.P.J. (1896-1974)
Plooij, B.W. (1890-1967)
Radstake, J.B. (1872-1973)
Reitsma, E. (1892-1976)
Riele, W. te (1867-1937)
Rothuizen, E.J. (1888-1979)
Sluijmer, J.H. (1894-1979)
Soffers, P.J. (1820-1910)
Stuivinga, J. (1881-1962)
Stuyt, J. (1868-1934)
Tepe, A. (1840-1920)
Tonnaer, J.H. (1852-1929)
Tulder, H.J. van (1819-1903)
Valk, H.W. (1886-1973)
Veggel, A. van (1809-1876)
Vogelpoel (G. van, 1809-1884)
Vogelpoel (W.J. van, 1837-1903)
Vries, H.P.J. de (1895-1965)
Weber, C. (1820-1908)
Wielders, J. (1883-1949)

The pages in this section contains biographical information about selected architects from the past, as well as lists of their religious (and sometimes also non-religious) work. Most of these pages contain links to pages dedicated to specific churches.

Some of these architects were famous and influential, others were relatively obscure or only of local or regional importance. Eventually this section should cover the most important architects active in church architecture in The Netherlands from the Middle Ages until ca. 1950, and some architects active in the same period who deserve more attention. Emphasis is on catholic architects from the 19th and 20th centuries, simply because there were many more prolific catholic church architects than protestant ones.

Please note that these are not complete biographies, nor are they meant to be. Every page in this section is open for corrections and additions.


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