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Architects: L.J.P. Kooken (1867-1940)

Louis Jacobus Petrus Kooken was born in either Eindhoven or Weert on the 26th of March 1867. Little is known about his youth and education. According to some sources he was responsible for designing and building a factory in Eindhoven which was built in ca. 1880, an unlikely claim considering his age at that time. In reality, his first known activity in architecture is in the role of overseer at the construction of the church H. Hart van Jezus in Eindhoven in 1897-1898. In the latter year he founded his own office. He was town architect of Eindhoven for several decades and was responsible for a number of housing projects in and around the city. In 1918 he and J.Th.J. Cuypers were put in charge of the massive expansion of the city. Although a catholic, Kooken's religious work represents only a small part of his career. His first known religious work dates from 1911, more than a decade after he started his architectural career. Several of his churches are in a modern neo-Romanesque style and were in a few cases designed in conjunction with F.J. Wolters. In 1921 Kooken hired draughtsman C.H. de Bever, who became his son-in-law eight years later and his associate four years after that, when Kooken retired.

The following is a list of Kooken's religious work only.


1911-1912 Waalre (NB): convent Wilgefortis



Convent with neo-Gothic details.



1911 Nijnsel (NB): church St. Antonius van Padua




Small aisleless church in neo-Romanesque style.


1912-1913 Eindhoven (NB): tower church St. Petrus 




Neo-Gothic tower, replacing the collapsed original tower of H.J. van Tulder’s church.



1920 Eindhoven (NB): chapel convent Zusters van Liefde van Schijndel

No further details.


1923-1925 Veghel (NB): chapel monastery Broeders van O.L.V. van Maastricht


Chapel in neo-Romanesque style, with short tower.

1923 Borkel en Schaft (NB): enlargement church St. Servatius

Addition of a new transept and choir.

1925 Eindhoven (NB): church St. Gerardus Majella 




Designed in conjunction with architect F.J. Wolters. Tower added in 1929-1930.



1925 Waalre (NB): church St. Willibrordus 




Three-aisled cruciform basilica in a neo-Romanesque style.



1925-1927 Middelbeers (NB): church St. Willibrordus 




Three-aisled cruciform basilica in a neo-Romanesque style. Designed in conjunction with architect F.J. Wolters.



1928-1929 Helmond-Brouwhuis (NB): church OLV Middelares aller Genaden

Church in Expressionist style.


1931-1932 Eindhoven (NB): enlargement church St. Trudo 




Addition of side-aisles to an older church. With C.H. de Bever, who added a tower several years later.



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