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Architects: C.H. de Bever (1897-1965)

Cornelis Hubertus de Bever was born in Vught on March the 26th of 1897. He was the son of a carpenter and was educated at a school for arts and crafts in 's-Hertogenbosch. After finishing his school, he worked for architect W.G. Welsing for some time. In 1921 he worked as a draughtsman for architect L.J.P. Kooken in Eindhoven. He married one of Kooken's daughters in 1929 and replaced him as head of the office in 1933. When Kooken died in 1940, De Bever continued the former Kooken en De Bever office under his own name. De Bever died in Eindhoven on January the 9th of 1965. His office was successfully continued by his sons and is today led by one of his grandsons.
Most of De Bever's work is in Traditionalist style, built mostly of brick and often of a christocentric type. Churches are only a portion of his work; he also designed schools, houses, offices etc.. He worked mainly in Noord-Brabant. Below is a list of his religious work only.

1935-1936 Kaatsheuvel (NB): church St. Jozef


Christocentric church in Traditionalist style, with T-shaped main space and a baptistry and tower at the front and a higher choir at the back. 

1937 Lieshout (NB): chapel convent

Chapel in Traditionalist style.


1937-1938 Tilburg (NB): enlargement church St. Dionysius



De Bever designed a church in Traditionalistic style which was to replace an early Neo-Gothic church. World War Two prevented the fullfilment of this plan. Only the choir, transept and crossing-tower were built.


1937-1938 Eindhoven (NB): enlargement church St. Trudo




 Addition of a tower to an older church. The same church was extended with side-aisles by Kooken and De Bever in 1931-1932.


1938-1940 Goirle (NB): church Maria Boodschap


Cruciform christocentric basilica in a Traditionalist style with Gothic influences. Big square crossing tower. A 44-meter tall frontal tower was planned but never build.


1946 Vught (NB): chapel of Mary

Chapel in the shape of a short tower.


1946-1949 Hedel (G): church St. Willibrordus




Church in traditionalistic style, with front shaped like a westwork.

1947 Knegsel (NB: chapel of Mary

Small chapel in Traditionalist style.
1947-1948 Breda (NB): chapel sanatorium De Klokkenberg

Chapel in Traditionalist style, with large square crossing-tower. De Bever designed the entire complex in conjunction with C.M. van Moorsel.
1950 Eindhoven  (NB): convent Poor Clares

Building in Traditionalist style.
1951 Maashees (NB): church St. Antonius Abt
Three-aisled basilica in in Traditionalist style.
1952 Tilburg (NB): church St. Lidwina




Church in simple Traditionalist style. Demolished in 2005.

1952-1955 Eindhoven (NB): church Don Bosco

Large church in a Traditionalist style with T-shaped ground plan, cylindrical tower and large square crossing tower.

1954-1957 Raamsdonksveer (NB): church O.L. Vrouw Hemelvaart





Large church in a Traditionalist style with T-shaped ground plan, polygonal tower and large square crossing tower.

1954 Vught (NB): tower church H. Hart





Tower in Traditionalist style for an older church. Designed in conjunction with C. Evers.


1956-1957 Someren (NB): Franciscan convent

No details available. Demolished.

1959 Baarle-Nassau (NB): chapel Dominican convent

No details available.

1961 Mill (NB): chapel St. Johanneshove

Chapel of a home for the elderly.

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