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Architects: C.A. Hardeman (1893-1961)

Clemens Antonius Hardeman was born in Kralingen (Rotterdam) on November the 28th 1893 as the son of a catholic carpenter and contractor who worked as an overseer for architect H. Kroes. Later had an office of his own in Oldenzaal. Before that he may have had an office in Zwolle. He mostly worked in the eastern parts of the country that belonged to the Utrecht archdiocese. 
C.A. Hardeveld died in Oldenzaal on October the 23rd of 1961. His son C.J.W. Hardeman (1923-1974) also became an architect.

The following list of his works is probably incomplete and may include some works by Hardeman's son.

1924-1925 Delfzijl (Gr): church St.Joseph

Three-aisled cruciform church in Neo-Gothic style.
1927-1928 Enter (Ov): church St. Antonius Abt




Neo-Gothic cruciform basilica with tower.

1927 Dalfsen (Ov): convent H. Hart

House-like building with a chapel on the first floor. Now a retirement home.

ca. 1929 Boskamp (Ov): monastery St. Willibrordus

House-like building with steeple on top and a chapel in simple Neo-Gothic style at the back. Now a retirement home.

1929 Lemelerveld (Ov): enlargement church H. Hart van Jezus




New choir and chapels in modern Neo-Gothic style added to an older church.

1929 Barneveld (G): church St. Catharina




Three-aisled pseudo-basilica in Neo-Gothic style. Tower of predecessor (A. Tepe, 1898) incorporated.

1929-1930 Klarenbeek (G): O.L. Vrouw ten Hemelopneming

Centralizing cruciform church in Expressionist/Traditionalist style, with slim, tapered tower.

1930-1931 De Lutte (Ov): enlargement church St. Plechelmus

Enlargement in Expressionist style of a Neo-Classical church.

1931 Broekland (Ov): enlargement church St. Marcellinus

Addition of side-aisles to church by H. Kroes (1911-1912).

1931-1932 Rietmolen (G): church St. Caecilia




Centralizing cruciform church with octagonal main space, crowned with a tall dome. Slim and tall tower at the front.

1932 Groot-Meers (L): enlargement church H. Jozef

Addition of a tower and side-aisles to an older church (E. Joosten, 1910), as well as enlargement of the choir.

1932 Oosterhout (G): church St. Leonardus





Three-aisled basilica in Expressionist style, with tall tower with saddle-roof.

1933 Nieuw Wehl (G): convent

No further details.

1933 Erica (Dr): church O.L. Vrouwe Onbevlekt Ontvangen

Wide one-aisled church in Traditionalist style with tower. Hardeman's first design earlier that year had been for a simple temporary church.

1936-1937 Blaricum (NH): enlargement church St. Vitus

Nave of Neo-Gothic church (P.J.H. Cuypers, 1870-1871) replaced by new, wider one.

1936 Nieuw-Dijk (G): enlargement church St. Antonius van Padua

No further details.
1936 Groenlo (G): chapel St. Vincentius




Chapel in Traditionalist style for a hospital.

1938-1939 Putten (G): church H. Maria Zuivering

Aisleless church in Traditionalist style, with front tower. Hardeman elaborated a general design by J. Starmans.

1938-1939 Soest (U): church H. Familie

Three-aisled pseudo-basilica in Traditionalist style. Taller straight choir. Designed in conjunction with local architect A. Brouwer.

1939-1940 Rossum (Ov): church St. Plechelmus

Cruciform pseudo-basilica in Traditionalist style. Front tower, choir with ambulatory.

1948-1951 Glane (Ov): church H. Sacrament

Towerless one-aisled church in Traditionalist style. Rebuilt into a house.

1949 Beuningen (Ov): church O.L.Vrouw van Altijd durende Bijstand

Towerless three-aisled pseudo-basilica in Traditionalist style. Designed in conjunction with G.M. Leeuwenberg.
More details needed:

Late 1920's: Hellendoorn (Ov): enlargement church St. Sebastianus

Addition of transept and new choir to an older church (A. Tepe, 1877)


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