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Blaricum (NH): St. Vitus (P.J.H. Cuypers, 1871, C.A. Hardeman, 1936)

Despite the Reformation, when the local church was confiscated by the protestants and the catholic faith was outlawed, Blaricum always remained a mostly catholic village. A new catholic church however wasn't built until 1825. This building soon became too small, and in 1863 architect P.J.H. Cuypers was commissioned to design a new church. Work didn't start until 1871. Cuypers' church was a cruciform building with a one-aisled nave and a distinctive tower with corner-turrets. The nave was covered by a wooden barrel-vault and was designed to be easily extended with side-aisles. The transept and choir were lower than the nave.In the 1930's this church had become too small as well. The church was enlarged according to plans by C.A. Hardeman. Instead of extending the existing nave, the nave was completely replaced by a new one with a wide main aisle and narrow side-aisles, all covered by stone vaults. The tower, transept and choir of Cuypers' church remain.







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