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Rietmolen (G): St. Caecilia (C.A. Hardeman, 1931-1932)



Rietmolen developed in the 18th century around a barn-church, aimed at the catholics of nearby Neede. The barn-church was replaced by a more church-like building in 1836, which itself was replaced in 1931.
The current St. Caecilia was designed by architect C.A. Hardeman and is one of his most important works. It's a combination of a cruciform pseudo-basilica and a centralizing church; it has a short three-aisled nave, at the front of which is a lower narthex, and a large central space with a ground-plan with the shape of a stretched octagon, which is surrounded by several chapels. Behind the central space is a polygonal choir. At the front, next to the narthex, is a slim and tall tower which consists of a square lower part and three octagonal segments. On top is a distinctive spire, the shape of which is repeated in the steeple at the crossing. At the other side of the narthex is a baptistry. The entire church was built in Traditionalist style, but with Neo-Gothic as well as Expressionist elements. In 2009-2010 the building was restored.







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