Architects: H. Onvlee (1885-1923)

Herman Onvlee was born in Ijlst on June the 26th 1885. His father was headmaster at protestant schools in several places, such as Bergen op Zoom (ca. 1879), Ijlst (ca. 1884), Makkum (ca. 1885) and eventually Baarn (since 1889). Details about his education are unknown.

As an architect he began an office in Baarn in ca. 1912. Apart from some small assignments for religious buildings he designed mostly profane buildings such as social houses and mansions in the vicinity of Baarn.  However, in 1922 and 1923, within the short period of just a few months, he was commissioned to design seven churches for the Gereformeerde Kerk, his own denomination, six of which were built but none of which he would see completed. He died in Baarn on September the 23rd 1923 at the young age of 38.

The following is a list of Onvlee's churches. It is probably complete.
1913-1914 Bunschoten (U): Gereformeerde kerk

Church in Rationalist style. General design by A.J. Munnik, Onvlee contributed part of the design and was in charge of the construction.
1914-1915 Baarn (U): renovation Gereformeerde kerk

Changes to an older church to accomodate an organ and galeries.
1921 Schoonhoven (ZH): enlargement Gereformeerde Kerk A

Details not known. Church demolished ca. 1979.
1922-1924 De Lier (ZH): Gereformeerde kerk 

Cruciform church in Rationalist style.
1922-1924 Krabbendijke (Z): Gereformeerde kerk

Aisleless church in Expressionist style.
1923 Honselersdijk (ZH): Geref. Rehobothkerk

Church in Eclectic style.
1923-1924 Voorschoten (ZH): Gereformeerde kerk

Cruciform church in Expressionist style. Portal added in 1974.
1923-1924 Woerden (U): Gereformeerde Opstandingskerk

 Cruciform church in Expressionist style.
1923-1924 Doornspijk (G): Gereformeerde kerk

Cruciform church in Rationalist style, with tower. Completed after Onvlee's death by architect P.H. van Lonkhuijzen.
1923 Barendrecht (ZH): Gereformeerde kerk

Design only. Large church with tall tower.
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