Architects: W.Th. van Aalst (1856-1927)
Wilhelmus (Willem) Theodorus van Aalst was born in Geertruidenberg on February the 5th 1856. Both his parents died at a young age, and Willem became an orphan at the age of 5. Nothing more is known about his childhood, except that he had four sisters and was a catholic. About his education also nothing is known. As a young architect he lived in various places in Noord-Brabant for short periods until settling in 's-Hertogenbosch in 1888, where he died on November the 11th 1927.  

One of his earliest designs is for the Aloysiusgesticht in Cuijk, a monastery in neo-Renaissance style out of 1887. He designed several churches and chapels in various places mostly in the eastern half of Noord-Brabant, mostly working in a neo-Gothic style.. An important client was the Congregation Dochters van Maria en Joseph, which commissioned several convents, schools and chapels. Religious buildings were only a part of his work, and among his other buildings are several private houses and at least one factory. In 1920 Van Aalst associated himself with the architect J.J.M. van Halteren. The cooperation lasted until 1925 and probably ended because Van Aalst retired. Van Halteren continued to use the name Van Aalst for the office for several more years.

The following is a list of Van Aalst's religious works. It is probably incomplete.
1900 Hulsel (NB):  enlargement choir church St. Clemens

New choir in neo-Romanesque style for an older church.
1900-1903 Berghem (NB): church St. Willibrordus

Three-aisled cruciform basilica in neo-Gothic style, incorporating a Gothic tower.
1901-1902 Schaijk (NB): nave and tower church St. Antonius Abt

New nave added to a slightly older choir by P. Stornebrink, possibly based on a design by that architect, as well as heightening an cladding of the Romanesque tower.
1904-1905 Kerkdriel (G): enlargement church St. Martinus

Lengthening of the nave of an older, neo-Classical church and the addition of a tower in an eclectic style. Destroyed in 1944.
1905-1906 Deursen (NB): chapel Soeterbeeck

Chapel in neo-Gothic style.
1909-1910 Hintham (NB): church H. Anna

Three-aisled cruciform basilica in neo-Gothic style, with tower at the transept. The church is a copy in brick of E.E. Viollet-le-Duc's church in Aillant-sur-Tholon, France.
1910 Oirschot (NB): chapel monastery Groot Bijsterveld

Aisleless chapel in neo-Gothic style.
1911-1912 's-Hertogenbosch (NB): chapel Zusters van de Choorstraat

Three-aisled cruciform basilica in neo-Gothic style. 
1911-1912 Oerle (NB): church St. Johannes de Doper

Three-aisled cruciform basilica in neo-Gothic style.
1912-1915 Sint-Oedenrode (NB): church St. Martinus

Three-aisled cruciform basilica in neo-Gothic style, incorporating a 15th-century choir. Part of the design were two frontal towers, of which only the smaller one was built.
1912-1914 Haaren (NB): church St. Lambertus

Three-aisled cruciform basilica in neo-Gothic style, with tall tower.

1920-1922 Best (NB): chapel convent Huize Nazareth

Aisleless chapel in neo-Romanesque style.
1921 Oss (NB): church H. Hart van Jezus

Three-aisled cruciform basilica in neo-Gothic style.
1925-1926 Dreumel (G): tower church St. Barbara

Completion of H.J. van Tulder's tower with an upper segment, based on Van Tulder's design. Destroyed in 1944.
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