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Architects: H.P.J. de Vries (1895-1965)

Hermanus Petrus Josephus de Vries was born in Rotterdam on the 10th of January 1895. He studied at the Academy of Arts and Technical Science in his home town and won the prestigious Prix de Rome for architecture in 1918. Due to the First World War he was unable to go on the international study tour that was part of the prize. Instead, he studied the old churches of the province of Groningen. De Vries designed several catholic churches, as well as many other buildings. His earlier work is in a Traditionalist style with Expressionist influences. His later work is modern, sometimes Functionalist. He died in Rotterdam on the 24th of February 1965.

The following is a list of his churches and other works of a religious nature. It is possibly incomplete.
1923 Papendrecht (ZH): church O.L.V. Onbevlekt Ontvangen

Small aisleless church in Traditionalist style.
1924 Hillegom (ZH): church St. Martinus

Three-aisled basilica in Traditionalist style. Neo-Gothic tower of previous church (by H.J. van den Brink) was incorporated.
1925-1927 Rotterdam (ZH): church H. Kruisvinding

Basilica in Traditionalist style, with tower with Neo-Romanesque elements. Part of a complex
that also included a monastery.
1928 Zwijndrecht (ZH): church H. Hart van Jezus

Three-aisled basilica in Traditionalist style, with a tower at the side of the nave. Clerestorey with large windows,side-aisles with flat roofs, nave covered with a large roof on a wooden beam construction.
1928-1930 Rotterdam (ZH): church Christus Koning

Church in Expressionist style. Part of a complex that also included a monastery. The spire was demolished in 1991, after it had been struck by lightning.
1928-1929 Onderdijk (NH): church Gerardus Majella

Cruciform church in Expressionist style, with slim, tall tower.
1929-1930 Bolnes (ZH): chapel St. Theresia

Long but low aisleless building in Traditionalist style.
1930-1931 Breezand (NH): church St. Jan de Evangelist

Aisleless cruciform church in Traditionalist style, with tower.
1931-1932 Brielle (ZH): pilgrimage church Martelaren van Gorcum

Big aisleless church in Traditionalist
style. Wide nave, tall tower-like choir.
1932-1934 Leeuwarden (Fr): church St. Johannes de Doper

Christocentric cruciform basilica, in a combination of Traditionalist and Expressionist styles. Designed in conjunction with architect A.H. Witteveen. Closed in 2004.  
1950 Roelofarendsveen (ZH): church Maria Presentatie

Aisleless church with wide nave.
1954 Zwaagdijk-Oost (NH): church St. Jozef

Aisleless and towerless church in Traditionalist style.
1960-1961 Hoek van Holland (ZH): church St. Egbertus

Aisleless church in Functionalist style.
1960 Amsterdam (NH): church O.L. Vrouw van Zeven Smarten

Wide basilica in a modern style with Traditionalist elements. Part of a Crosier monastery, also designed by De Vries.
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