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Architects: H.C.M. van Beers (1890-1964)

Hendricus Cornelis Marie van Beers was born in Rotterdam on the 17th of July 1890 as the son of architect F.J.C.J. van Beers. Little is known about his life and his education. He was active as an architect since ca. 1916 and had offices at various locations in Rotterdam (ZH) until he moved to Huis Ter Heide (U) in ca. 1930.
His first assignments were housing projects for catholic workers in the Rotterdam area. Since 1923 he also designed several catholic schools. His first church assignments concerned changes to older churches. The first assignment for a complete church, the St. Anna in Amstelveen, came in 1927.

Van Beers designed several catholic churches in Traditionalist style, with some influence of Expressionism in his first works. Many of his churches have complex brick vaults.

He died in a car accident in Zeist on January the 2nd, 1964.

The following is a list of Van Beers' religious work only. It is possibly incomplete. 
1924 Hengelo (G): rebuilding church St. Willibrordus

Radical rebuilding of a neo-Classical nave; new windows and replacement of plastered ceilings by brick vaults.
1925-1926 Berkel en Rodenrijs (ZH): renovation and enlargement church O.L.V. Geboorte

Addition of wide and high side-aisles to a neo-Gothic church, as well as cladding of the tower.
1926 Bemmel (G): tower and chapels church St. Donatus

Neo-Gothic tower and chapels in Traditionalist style for a Neo-Gothic church. Damaged in 1944-1945 but repaired when the church was replaced by the current church by Joh.H. Sluijmer. Although large parts of the tower were retained, it was transformed in Traditionalist style.
1927-1928 Amstelveen (NH): church H. Anna

Church in combination of Expressionist and Traditionalist styles, with slim, tall tower at the side of the front. Designed in conjunction with J.P.L. Hendriks.
1927-1928 Rotterdam (ZH): rebuilding church St. Jozef

New front with tower for a neo-Gothic church. Demolished in 1974.

1928-1929 Arnhem (G): church St. Joseph

Three-aisled basilica in Expressionist style. Tower not built. Now apartments.
1929-1930 Dedemsvaart (Ov): enlargement church St. Vitus

New eastern part for older church by A. Tepe, with double transept and a straight choir.
1930 Vlaardingen (ZH): cemetery chapel St. Barbara

Chapel in Traditionalist style for a catholic cemetery.
1930 Heteren (G): church O.L.V. Onbevlekt Ontvangen

Aisleless church with straight choir and a tower next to the portal.
1931 Hattem (G): church O.L. Vrouw ten Hemelopneming

Small church in Traditionalist style.
1932-1933 Heerenveen (Fr): church H. Geest

Church in Traditionalist style, with towers at the front and above the choir.
1933 Zwolle (Ov): chapel O.L. Vrouwepension

Chapel for a house for the poor. The rest of the complex was designed by Van Beers as well.
1935-1937 Leeuwarden (Fr): church St. Dominicus

Church in Traditionalist style, with towers at the front and above the choir. Designed in conjunction with A. Witteveen.
1935-1936 Achter-Drempt (G): church St. Willibrordus

Three-aisled church in Traditionalist style. Straight choir, short tower at the front.
1952-1953 Soesterberg (U): church Carolus Borromeus

Pseudo-basilica in Traditionalist style. Tower in front of the church is lower than the nave.
1956-1958 Haaksbergen (Ov): church O.L.V. van Lourdes

Pseudo-basilica in Traditionalist style, largely similar to the church in Soesterberg.
1960 Fleringen (Ov): church Onbevlekt Hart van Maria

Pseudo-basilica in Traditionalist style. Van Beers' last church.
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