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Architects: H.J. van Tulder (1819-1903)

Hendrik Jacobus van Tulder, also known as Henri van Tulder or Henri Jacques van Tulder was born in Tilburg on the 1st of May 1819. In the 1840's he probably studied at the Royal School of Arts in Antwerpen, Belgium. From 1844 until 1846, either before or after his study, he worked in Brussel for architect Jean-Pierre Cluysenaar. In 1848 Van Tulder returned to Tilburg and started his own office. One of his first assignments was for the new town hall In his home town. Tilburg is also where in 1850 he built his first church and developed an entire neighbourhood in the center of the town.

Although his early works, including some of his first churches, were in neo-Classical style, Van Tulder is remembered as a pioneer of neo-Gothic. He made his first use of this style in 1853, when he enlarged the church in Gemert and added a tower. Three years later he built his first complete neo-Gothic church. While these are both closely related to early neo-Gothic, most of Van Tulder's churches are in a more rationalist neo-Gothic style, although elements such as plaster vaults and ornaments were often used. A point of criticism, both during and after his life, concerned his facades which rarely indicate what's behind them. He built a total of 26 churches. Among his employees were architects J. van Gils and J.H. van Abeelen.

In 1889, shortly after his best work, the St. Joseph church in Tilburg had been consecrated, Van Tulder moved to Laken near Brussel, Belgium. Only one further work by Van Tulder is known, a villa in Overboelare built in 1893. Van Tulder died in Schaarbeek on November the 25th 1903.

The following is a list of Van Tulder's buildings, concentrating on his churches and highlights from his other work.
1848-1849 Tilburg (NB): town hall

Building in neo-Classical style. Demolished in 1971.

1850-1851 Tilburg-Korvel (NB): church St. Dionysius

Church in neo-Classical style. Projected tower not built. Church demolished in 1923.

1852 Sint Michielsgestel (NB):  chapel seminary Beekvliet

Chapel in neo-Romanesque style. Demolished in 1979.
1853-1855 Gemert (NB): restoration and enlargement church St. Jans Onthoofding

Extension of the nave and addition of a richly ornamented neo-Gothic tower.

1854 Aarle-Rixtel (NB): town hall




Building in neo-Classical style.

1854 Hurwenen (G): church St. Barbara

Church in early neo-Gothic style. Destroyed in 1945, the ruins were rebuilt in a different style in 1947
1855-1856 Haaren (NB): church St. Lambertus

Church in neo-Classical style. Destroyed by fire in 1911.

1856-1858 Mierlo (NB): church St. Lucia



Cruciform basilica in early neo-Gothic style. A medieval tower was incorporated and heightened.

1856 Esch (NB): church St. Willibrordus

Church in neo-Classical style, incorporating a 15th-century tower. Church demolished and replaced in 1889.

1856-1858 Velddriel (G): church St. Martinus

Cruciform church in neo-Gothic style, with tower. Destroyed in 1944.

1857-1859 Nuland (NB): church St. Johannes' Onthoofding

Three-aisled cruciform pseudo-basilica with front tower. Destroyed in 1944.


1857 Berkel-Enschot (NB): tower St. Willibrordus chapel

Tower added to an older chapel. in 1910 incorporated in Jan Stuyt's new church, but in altered form.

1857 Rijsbergen (U): chapel Major seminary

No further details. Demolished.

1857-1859 Oss (NB): church O.L. Vrouw Onbevlekt Ontvangen





Van Tulder's first big church. Three-aisled cruciform basilica in neo-Gothic style with tall tower.

1858-1859 Wintelre (NB): tower church St. Willibrordus




Neo-Gothic tower for a neo-Classical church built in 1822. Church replaced later.

1858-1861 Tilburg (NB): church Sint Vincentius Paulo

Three-aisled church in early neo-Gothic style. Demolished in 1956.


1859 Diessen (NB): restoration church St. Willibrordus

Details unknown.

1861-1867 Macharen (NB): church St. Petrus' Banden

Aisleless neo-Gothic church. 15th-century tower was incorporated and heightened with a fourth segment.

1864-1866 Vlijmen (NB): church St. Jans' Geboorte

Big three-aisled cruciform church in neo-Gothic style, with tower. Plaster vaults.

1865 Olland (NB): church St. Martinus

Church in neo-Gothic style, with tower. Destroyed in 1944.
1867 Liempde (NB): church St. Johannes' Onthoofding

Three-aisled cruciform church in neo-Gothic style. The slim tower was added in 1897-1899.

1867-1868 Haren (NB): church St. Lambertus





Three-aisled pseudo-basilica in neo-Gothic style.

1868-1870 Dreumel (G): church St. Barbara

Large triple-aisled cruciform church in Neo-Gothic style. Tower added in 1925 by W. van Aalst, who slightly changed Van Tulder's design.

1871 Zijtaart (NB): church St. Lambertus

Three-aisled church in neo-Gothic style.

1871-1872 Eerde (NB): church St. Antonius Abt

Three-aisled basilican church in neo-Gothic style.


1871-1889 Tilburg (NB): church St. Joseph




Three-aisled cruciform church in neo-Gothic style with two towers at the front. Often regarded Van Tulder's best church. The choir, transept and part of the nave were built in 1871-1873, while the rest of the nave and the front with the towers was built 1887-1889.


1874-1880 Eindhoven-Woensel (NB): church St. Petrus




Three-aisled cruciform basilican church in neo-Gothic style. The still uncompleted tower collapsed in 1875. New tower designed by L.J.P. Kooken built in 1912.

1874 Drunen (NB): church St. Lambertus

Three-aisled cruciform basilican church in neo-Gothic style, with richly ornamented tower. Destroyed in 1944.

1875 Drunen (NB): rebuilding and extension d'Oultremont castle

Renewal in neo-Gothic style. Included the addition of towers and turrets.

1876 Zwaagdijk (NH): church St. Joseph

Three-aisled cruciform church church in neo-Gothic style, with built-in tower. Demolished in 1954.


1878-1879 Elshout (NB): church St. Johannes Evangelist





Small three-aisled cruciform church in neo-Gothic style, with slim built-in tower. 

1879-1884 Hoog-Geldrop (NB): church HH. Maria en Brigida

Three-aisled cruciform basilica in neo-Gothic style with front tower.


1882-1883 Dommelen (NB): church St. Martinus





Small one-aisled church in neo-Gothic style. Enlarged by J. Stuyt in 1932.


1883-1884 Helmond-Stiphout (NB): church St. Trudo





Three-aisled cruciform basilican church in neo-Gothic style.


1884-1885 Eindhoven-Stratum (NB): church St. Joris

Three-aisled cruciform church in neo-Gothic style. Octagonal crossing. Van Tulder designed a tower that wasn't built. The current tower was designed by Van Tulder's former assistent J. van Gils and was built in 1910-1911.

1884-1885 Vught (NB): mental hospital Voorburg

No further details.

1885-1886 Westerhoven (NB): church St. Servatius




Originally a straight three-aisled basilica in neo-Gothic style. Transept added in 1919.

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