Architects: F.B. Jantzen (1895-1987)

Ferdinand Bernardus Jantzen was born in Amsterdam on the 29th of June 1895. After secondary school he attended several schools and courses aimed at artistic and technical education. He graduated in 1920 and after that worked at the offices various architects, including C.B. Posthumus Meyjes Sr. and Ed. Cuypers. In 1922 he began his own firm in his home town.
Jantzen designed churches for various protestant denominations, mainly the Reformed, which he probably belonged to himself, and the Lutherans. Besides these, he designed houses, schools and other types of buildings, often connected to protestant organizations. His early churches are in Expressionist style, closely related to the Amsterdam School. In the late 1930's this style was replaced by Traditionalism, a style Jantzen used in a modernized version until the late 1950's, when his work became more Functionalist. Besides designing new churches, he restored several older ones and also designed church furniture. Jantzen worked mostly in the western provinces. He died in Ede on the 25th of August 1987.
The following is a list of Jantzen's churches. It is probably incomplete.
1926 Eindhoven (NB): reformed church

Towerless church in Expressionist style. Destroyed in 1944.
1926 Amsterdam (NH): reformed chapel Wester-Wijk



Chapel integrated in a housing building. Front in Expressionist style.

1928-1929 Amsterdam (NH): reformed Jeruzalemkerk



Church in Cubist-Expressionist style.
1930-1931 Eindhoven (NB): reformed Schootsekerk




Church in Expressionist style.

1931-1932 Oegstgeest (ZH): reformed Pauluskerk



Church in Expressionist style.


1936 Ede (G): enlargement lutheran church

Jantzen, working in conjunction with J.J. van Egmond, added a transept to an older, neo-Gothic church.
1937 Ijmuiden (NH): reformed church De Goede Herder




Church in Expressionist style.


1937 Bussum (NH): enlargement lutheran church





Drastic enlargement of an older church.

1937-1938 Amsterdam (NH): lutheran Maarten Lutherkerk




Church in  Traditionalist style.

1938 Heerde (G): Evangelical Kruiskerk

Cruciform church in Traditionalist style.

1939-1942 Krommeniedijk (NH): restoration reformed church

Restoration of a church.

1945-1950 Loenen (U): restoration Grote Kerk

Restoration of a Gothic church.


1951 Heusden (NB): lutheran church





Small church in Traditionalist style with Neo-Classical elements.

1955 Marknesse (Fl): reformed Verlosserkerk

Church in  Traditionalist style, with tower.
1957 Amsterdam (NH): lutheran Augustanakerk

Box-like church with tower, in a combination of Traditionalist and Functionalist styles.
1957 Luttelgeest (Fl): reformed church De Schakel

Modern church in Functionalist style, with tower.

1958-1965 Delft (ZH): restoration Lutheran church

Restoration of a Gothic chapel.

1970 Elst (G): Gereformeerde kerk

Church in Functionalist style. Demolished.


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