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Maastricht (L): St. Theresia (J.H.H. van Groenendael & H.F.M. van Groenendael, 1933-1934)


The St. Theresia is one of the last churches designed by J.H.H. van Groenendael, here assisted by his son H.F.M. van Groenendael. Father Van Groenendael was the most important member of a family of builders and architects and started his architectural career at the end of the 19th century, designing churches in a conservative neo-Gothic style. Later he designed in neo-Romanesque style as well, like the nearby St. Lambertus built some 20 years earlier.

The St. Theresia combines both neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque elements but as a whole belongs to neither style. It's a big three-aisled cruciform basilica, built of rough blocks of Kunrader marlstone. At the front, which is at the east side, are two short towers. A taller tower is in the corners between the choir and the northern transept-arm. The church stands on top of a so-called lower church, which currently serves as a kindergarten.






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