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Met ruim 200 artikelen ook in het Nederlands

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Archimon is a growing source of information about the history of church architecture in The Netherlands. New pages are added regularly, existing pages are reviewed and updated constantly. See the weblog for  the latest news.  

Pages are filed under the following categories. If you look for certain subjects but aren't sure how to find them, try the search-engine. Chances are you might find something useful!

Architects provides information about architects of churches, both famous and not so famous, and their work.

History & styles is the illustrated history of religious architecture and its styles in the Netherlands, from ca. the year 1000 until the 1950's.

Pictorial indexes list all pages about individual churches, arranged by province and showing a picture of each church. Click on the picture for a full page about that specific church. The following indexes are available:

Drenthe (22 churches) Google Maps
Friesland (48 churches) Google Maps
Gelderland A-G, H-O, P-Z (133 churches) Google Maps
Groningen (46 churches) Google Maps
Limburg A-H, I-O, P-Z (91 churches) Google Maps
Noord-Brabant A-H, I-R, S-Z (94 churches) Google Maps
Noord-Holland A-G, H-Z (67 churches) Google Maps
Overijssel (57 churches) Google Maps
Utrecht (68 churches) Google Maps
Zeeland (42 churches) Google Maps
Zuid-Holland A-L, M-Z (81 churches) Google Maps

General pages
look at the various churches in towns, municipalities and villages throughout The Netherlands. This whole section is arranged by province. Although emphasis is on church architecture in some cases other related subjects are covered too. You can access the pages directly from below: