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Gapinge (Z): reformed church or Torenkerk



The old church of Gapinge was probably preceded by a wooden church and was first mention in 1216. In the first half of the 15th century the tower in a Flemish Gothic style was built, a remarkable construction with a gate-like portal, much like the towers of 's-Gravenpolder and Ovezande. Around 1450 the choir was built, followed in ca. 1500 by the aisleless nave. In this period the tower was in part built-in by the nave and was also heightened with an octagonal upper part. At the south side of the nave a sacristy was build.

The church holds the distinction of being the only church on the former island of Walcheren that survived the Eighty Years War intact. The new protestant owners made however several changes to the building, like the removal of a baptistry at the south side of the tower. Also several windows were filled in while new ones were made. Photographs made in the early 20th century show a neglected building, with the portal largely closed with planks and the tower covered with a coat of mortar and missing the traceries at the front. In the years 1920-1924 the church was restored for the first time. In 1947-1949 damage caused by the flooding of 1944 was repaired.


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