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's-Gravenpolder (Z): reformed church

In catholic times this church was called St. Martinus. The choir is its oldest part and dates from the 14th century, although it was changed to a rectangular shape in the 17th century. Tower and nave were built in the 15th century. The tower is in a Flemish style and has a square lower part and an octagonal upper part. In the lower part is the entrance to the church, in a tall but narrow arch. Together with the spaces that flank it, which date from the 15th century, the tower forms a west-work. A transept was added in ca. 1500. First the northern arm was built, followed by the wider and higher southern arm. In ca. 1874 the tower was plastered and the upper part of the tower removed and replaced by a spire. During a restoration in 1959-1961 the plaster was removed and the current lantern was added to the tower.

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