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Goor (Ov):  H.H. Petrus en Paulus (J.W. Boerbooms, 1893-1894)


After the Reformation the catholic parish of Goor was disbanded. In 1809 it was refounded. Little is known about the church, except that already in 1832 it was replaced by a small church in neo-Classical style. By the early 1890's the need arose for a bigger church, and architect J.W. Boerbooms was assigned with the task to design a representative church which was not too expensive.

The current church is a three-aisled pseudo-basilica, designed in a Neo-Gothic style influenced by Lower Rhine Gothic, like all of Boerbooms churches. The church is not oriented; instead of the choir, it's the front that faces the east. To add some monumentality, the facade is flanked by polygonal stair-turrets, while the side-aisles end at the back in polygonal lateral chapels. The portal at the front was added in 1935.






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