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Veldhoven-Dorp (NB): St. Caecilia (W. te Riele, 1911-1914)

As early as the 13th century there was a church in Veldhoven, which was called Sondervick (or Zonderwijk) then. In the 15th century it was replaced by a stone church which was confiscated by the Protestants in 1648, after the Eighty Years war. After 1695 the Veldhoven Catholics used a barn church.

In 1798 the old church was restituted in a neglected state and was not used again. Instead the barn church was rebuilt to look more like a church. In 1815 the ruins of the old church were demolished, except for the tower which was retained until 1834. That year work began to replace the barn church, and the ruble from the tower was used for the foundations of a new church. The new church, a building in neo-Classical style designed by H. Essens, was completed in 1835.

 By 1900 that church had become too small and, because its woodwork was infested by a fungus, too expensive too maintain and impossible to enlarge. In 1911 architect W. te Riele was contacted to design a new church. Permission to proceed was granted by te bishop in 1912. Construction began in June 1913 and in July 1914 it was used for the first time.

Te Riele had designed a cruciform basilica in neo-Gothic style with a ground-plan in the shape of a Greek cross. The tower, not very common for Te Riele, has buttresses and is richly ornamented with arched recesses. On top it has an octagonal spire surrounded with corner-turrets. In 1941 the German occupying military demanded its removal because it formed a danger for low-flying aircraft from the nearby Eindhoven airforce base. In 1946 the spire was rebuilt, using most of the original materials.

The nave and the trave are both of a basilican structure, with clerestorey and side-aisles.  On the outside walls the windows are flanked by undeep arched recesses with small tile mozaics in their pointed upper parts, a feature of many of Te Riele's churches in this period of his career. Similar arches grace the tower and the gables of the transept. In 1957-1958 the original eastern part of the church, which was deemed too small, was replaced by a new extension of the nave including wide side-aisles and a  new choir. The architect was C.G. Geenen, who adopted Te Riele's style for the new part of the church, including the arches with tile mozaics. As shortly thereafter secularisation struck the parish the extension was soon regretted.

 Since 2016 the church formally serves as a chapel and is used for special occassions only.


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