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Eindhoven (NB): St. Antonius van Padua (J.H.H. van Groenendael, 1917-1918)




This church was built in a new neighbourhood, mostly inhabited by workers of the nearby Philips-factory. Architect Van Groenendael based his design on that of the St. Lawrence outside the Walls in Rome. It's a basilica in neo-Romanesque style, with a campanile-like tower standing offset to the right of the front. At the back, the choir has a semicircular apse with a fake dwarfgallery consisting of blind niches. The use of small pieces of Kunraderstone, a light coloured marl, earned the church the name of Steentjeskerk ('church of the little stones'. Next to it is a presbytery from the same period and made from the same material.
Currently the former church is used as a museum.




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