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Beugen (NB): Maria ten Hemelopneming (H.C. van de Leur, 1931-1932 & 1954-1957)

The history of the church of Beugen begins around the year 1420, when a Gothic church was built. In 1879 this church was restored and enlarged by P.J.H. Cuypers. Little is known about Cuypers' restoration, but possibly he transformed the former pseudo-basilica into a basilica. He did cover the church with brick vaults.
In 1931-1932 the church was enlarged by H.C. van de Leur. He extended the nave with a transept, and to the choir a straight ambulatory was added, flanked by two small chapel-like structures, one of which is a sacristy. 
In 1944 German soldiers blew up the tower, also destroying the nave. The transept and choir survived and H.C. van de Leur was commissioned to design a new nave and tower. These new parts were modelled after their predecessors and were built in the 1950's. The side-aisles were built wider and chapels were built on both sides of the tower. In the end only the apse of the choir remains of the original church, and nothing of Cuypers' restoration remains. Apart from the apse, the entire church was designed by Van de Leur.










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