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Reuver (L): St. Lambertus (J. Kayser, 1878-1880, 1907; J. Kayser Jr. 1923)

The St. Lambertus in Reuver represents an important stage in architect J. Kayser's career. For the first time he used influences of North-German brick Gothic. Typical features of Kayser's work from then on were deep niches and stepped gables, resulting in a very personal style that set his work apart from that of all the other architects of neo-Gothicism. The St. Paulus in Vaals is another example. Unfortunately most of the other churches from Kayser's later period have not survived.
The church was built in three main stages. At first only a one-aisled cruciform church was built, with a tower standing at its side and a rectangular choir at the back. In 1907 a transept-arm was demolished to make place for a new, wider and taller nave. The old nave became a side-aisle. In 1923 another side-aisle was added by the architect's son Jules, who used the same style as his father for this extension,complete with the niches and the stepped gables.


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