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Melderslo (L): H. Oda (A.J.N. Boosten, 1948-1951)

 In November 1944 retreating German troops blew up the church of Melderslo, 23 years after it had been built. Already in 1945 architect A.J.N. Boosten was commissioned to design its successor. The design for the church however dates from 1948 and was possibly halted by Boosten's other priorities, being in great demand just after the war. It took a few more years for the church to be build. In January 1951 Boosten died, and the actual construction didn't start until August of that year, under supervision of Boosten's former companion J. Witteveen. By Easter 1952 the church was finished.
Boosten designed a cruciform, three-aisled church with a centralizing groundplan. The three aisles of the nave are covered by a single roof, and the side-aisles serve no ther purpose than to act as corridors. Remarkable is the position of the transept-arms, which point towards the choir, giving the church the shape of an arrow from the air. The choir is inside a cylindrical tower at the back of the church, and has an ambulatory. Typical details for Boosten are the rose-windows, the heavy buttresses and the tall, narrow round-topped windows.










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