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Maastricht (L): Onbevlekt Hart van Maria (A.J.N. Boosten, 1949-1952)


In 1948 a new parish was founded in Maastricht, just west of the centre. Architect A.J.N. Boosten was chosen to design the new church, which was to be built on the Mariaberg, one of several hills in the city. The design, made in 1949, was for a big, cruciform church with a front with two small towers and a big tower at the back, containing the choir with an ambulatory, underneath of which would be a crypt. Generally, the design reminded of Boosten's earlier St. Jozef in Stein-Kerensheide. Unfortunately, the architect died in January 1951, before the design was even accepted. Some small changes were made to cut costs, probably by Boosten's companion J. Witteveen, and in August 1951 work on the church began. In November 1952 the church was consecrated. By that time the church was basically finished. Only the towers at the front were missing, and the choir/tower was still without its spire. Plans to complete the church were never fullfilled.








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