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Ter Apel (Gr): St. Willibrordus (A. Tepe, 1880-1881; W. te Riele, 1923-1924)

The St. Willibrordus in Ter Apel is one of three catholic churches in the province of Groningen that architect Alfred Tepe started the construction of in 1880. It is the only one of these three he didn't complete. Tepe designed a neo-Gothic three-aisled hall-church with a transept. Only the choir, the transept and the two most eastern traves of the nave were completed.
In 1923-1924 the church was finally finished by W. te Riele, who added three more traves. These were wider than those of Tepe's part of the church. At the front a facade flanked by two stair-turrets was built.
Despite the long period between the construction of both parts, this church illustrates the big similarities between Tepe's and Te Riele's styles very well.






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