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Hallum (Fr): Gereformeerde kerk (Tj. Kuipers, 1912)

(As has been explained on other pages of this site, both 'Gereformeerde kerk' and 'Hervormde kerk' mean nothing else than reformed church. But as the reformed churches in the Netherlands are divided in two major denominations, Hervormd and Gereformeerd, 'reformed' will be used for the oldest of them only, being Hervormd.)




It looks like architect Tj. Kuipers didn't like to waste even a square inch of the available space when designing a church. This church is only an example of his efficiency, but as this is not such a big church it is very apparent. A few years later he repeated the trick with the Gereformeerde Bergsingelkerk in Rotterdam.
The church is built in Rationalistic style, and its major parts are a tower, a porch and a polygonal central space, which itself is made up of a rectangular 'nave' and two 'transepts'. Even the tower follows the contours of the space, as one of it's corners is beveled. It seems like the facade was changed once, as an old postcard, instead of the single window we see now, shows a big rose-window in the niche, with three smaller round-topped windows under it.





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