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Zoutelande (Z): reformed Catharinakerk


The reformed church of Zoutelande was founded as a catholic church in c. 1270. From this period the short tower remains. The original nave was replaced in the second half of the 15th century. At that time the building was a big cruciform church, probably a double-aisled hall-church. In 1574, during the siege of Middelburg, the building was badly damaged. Around 1618 the northern aisle was demolished and the arches that once connected the two aisles were closed. In 1735-1737 the transept and choir were demolished as well and the nave shortened. In 1906 a vestry was built on the east side of the nave. Pictures from this period show the church covered with plaster. Before 1929 this coat was removed.
In the Second World War the church was once again damaged and the vestry destroyed. During the restoration in 1947-1950 a new vestry was built.






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