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Stavenisse (Z): reformed church (H.J. Jesse, 1910-1911)

 Although the name Stavenisse was already mentioned in the 13th century, at that time it was the name of an island which was lost to the sea in 1509. At the end of the 16th century Stavenisse became the name of a polder, and a few years later of the new village built in that polder. A first church was built in this village in 1616-1617. In 1670 this church was extended on the eastern side with a chapel to accomodate the grave of local nobleman Hieronymus van Tuyll van Serooskerken. In the same period the current tower was added to that church, a job which was probably completed in 1672. Despite the period in which it was build, this tower bears a resemblance to some Gothic towers elsewhere in the province, consisting of a square lower part, in this case supported by diagonally positioned buttresses, and an octagonal upper part. On top is an open wooden lantern.
The old church, which had become far too small for the village, was demolished in 1910, except for the tower and the chapel on the east side. More space was created by the demolition of three houses. The space in between the tower and chapel was filled by a new church, designed by architect H.J. Jesse, who in 1905 had built the similar, but tower-less Gereformeerde Vredeskerk in Katwijk aan Zee (ZH). It was built in a style that defies categorization, but combines elements of Rationalism as well as Expressionism. It's a centralizing church, with a ground plan that forms a letter T. The three arms of this space are wide and illuminated by windows on three levels. The roof has sloping sides all around.







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