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Sluis (Z): St. Joannes de Doper (J. Oomen, 1925-1927)

In the middle Ages Sluis had two churches. One, the Mariakerk, was demolished in 1605 and the other, the St. Jan, burned down in 1811, after which it was demolished in 1823. The protestants, who had owned the church, sold the stones to the catholics who used them to build a new church. This church was used for about a century. In 1925-1927 a bigger church was built, designed by architect J. Oomen, who built several other churches in the diocese of Breda. Although more modern styles had become common for churches this one was built in neo-Gothic style, although with a modern touch to it. The church is is a pseudo-basilica of three aisles wide, with a wide central aisle and narrow side-aisles. The tower was damaged in 1944 and after the war repaired. The lost spire was replaced by the current roof.


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