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Serooskerke (Z): reformed church or Johanneskerk



Serooskerke dates back to the 12th century and most likely already had a church at that time. In the 15th century the current tower was built. It's a  massive-looking construction in late-Gothic style, with very little ornamentation, heavy diagonally positioned buttresses and an obviously unfinished upper part.

Little is known about the history of the church. It was badly damaged during the Eighty Years War and fell in protestant hands in a ruined state, like most churches on the island of Walcheren. In 1577 the  Zeeland authorities decided to have the church of Serooskerke closed, in favour of the largely intact church of Gapinge, but eventually in the 17th century damage was repaired. The nave was rebuilt in Gothic style while the remains of the choir, which was not needed for protestant services, were eventually demolished.


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Naamloos 1 Serooskerke