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Ritthem (Z): reformed church




Ritthem became a parish in 1235. The oldest part of the Gothic church however dates from the 14th century and is the lower part of the tower in which tuff from the demolished Romanesque church was used. The buttresses, portal and upper part were added in the 16th century. On the south side is a big round stair-turret. On the north side is a vestry which was built in 1985 on the location of several predecessors. Of special interest are the small niches that flank the window above the portal at the west side. Similar niches, only smaller, grace the lower part of the stair-turret.
In the 19th century maintenance of the tower was neglected and it has been leaning forward since. The aisleless nave was built in the early 16th century. In 1572 it was badly damaged and was not repaired until 1611. Only the choir was not rebuilt. The next year the church was used for the first time by the newly founded protestant community of Ritthem.







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