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Meliskerke (Z): reformed Odulphuskerk




The reformed church, originally dedicated to St. Odulphus and nowadays still named after this saint, is an aisleless church with a tower and a nave both built in ca. 1400.  The tower, which is similar in style to that of nearby Biggekerke, is supported by heavy buttresses on its front corners. The oblique position of the tower was caused by sagging during its construction. Originally,the church had a side-aisle on its south side. After damage to the church in 1572-1574, the side-aisled was joined to the lowered nave and covered by a single roof. The choir was demolished.
Probably in the same period the Gothic windows were replaced by the current, round-topped ones. In 1769 a portal was added to the south side of the nave. During a restoration in 1959, a coat of plaster was removed and a new vestry built on the former location of the choir. In 2011-2012 this vestry was replaced by a big modern extension.






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