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Loenen aan de Vecht (U): Grote Kerk


Loenen aan de Vecht was first mentioned in 953. A church was built before the 13th century and was dedicated to St. Liudger or Ludgerus. Parts of this church have been preserved as part of the walls of the current Gothic church which gradually replaced it after ca. 1450. The choir with its five-sided closure and the sacristy at its northern side were built first, using tuff. In the first quarter of the 16th century the transept was built, a construction a little taller than the choir and mostly built out of bricks. The tall tower was built next and is attributed to Jan Poyt, who also built the tower of Ransdorp. Like many other church towers in the Utrecht province, was largely modelled after the tower of the cathedral of Utrecht and is built of bricks but with alternating layers of natural stone on the outside. The same principle was used next for the current pseudo-basilican nave.
The church became protestant in 1578. It was badly damaged by fire in 1945 and was restored by F.B. Jantzen until 1950








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