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Rijssen (Ov): Grote of Schildkerk

The Grote of Schildkerk, the reformed church of Rijssen,  goes back a long time. Its oldest part is the northern wall, which originally was part of a Romanesque church. In the second half of the 15th century the one-aisled Romanesque nave was heightened and given larger windows. Also a Gothic choir was added, entirely built of tuff. In the early 16th century a second aisle was added, transforming the building in a two-aisled hall-church, like many churches in this province. the lower part of this second aisle was built of tuff, the upper part of brick. After the Romanesque tower collapsed in 1826, both aisles were lengthened in western direction and a new facade in neo-Classical style was added, with a  tower on top. In 1924-1925 the church was once again enlarged. Architect Tj. Kuipers added a third nave in neo-Gothic style, consisting of three traves, each with a seperate gable and roof, and a choir-like eastern part. In line with the other aisles, tuff was used for the lower parts of the wall and brick for the higher once, with both materials used in decorative lines in the middle. On the north side a consistory was added.









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