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Wognum (NH): reformed church



The reformed church of Wognum, originally known as St. HiŽronymus, is a one-aisled Gothic building. Little is known about its history. A chapel was mentioned as early as 1063. In the 12th century a church was built, which was replaced by a new church in the 15th century, basically the current tower and the western half of the nave. The lower parts of the western trave of the nave contain tuff, probably remains of the predecessor. The brick buttresses were added later. The choir, which is four metres higher than the nave, was built in the early 16th century, followed  by the eastern part of the nave. This part also contains tuff, now in alternating layers. The tower shows similarities with those of nearby Twisk and Medemblik.
Apparently, the church was too big for the local protestant community, since in 1841 the western part of the nave was seperated and given a new function. The old windows were closed and new ones, as well as doors, were added.









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