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Beverwijk (NH): reformed church


The history of this church possibly starts in ca. 725, when a small chapel may have been built. It is known to have existed in the 11th century. In the 13th century the chapel was replaced by a one-aisled church which itself made place for a bigger successor between 1400 and 1475. It was a Gothic three-aisled hall-church with a tall tower, dedicated to St. Agatha.
In 1567, early in he 80-Years War, the town of Beverwijk was largely destroyed. Of the church little more remained than the tower. In 1592 work started to rebuilt the church, which was now protestant property. The rebuilt church was largely a copy of the old one, only the polygonal choir was omitted, but the style of the church was still Gothic. In 1648 the church was completed. It's not known how different this church is from its predecessor. A peculiar feature is the southern aisle which is much shorter than the other two. All aisles are covered by wooden barrel-vaults which in 1861 were plastered. During a restoration between 1976 and 1983 these vaults were restored to their original state. During a previous restoration in 1912, necessary after a fire destroyed the spire, a balustrade was added to the top op the tower.

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