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Amsterdam (NH): St. Gerardus Majella (Jan Stuyt, 1925-1926)


The former St. Gerardus Majella was designed by Jan Stuyt as part of a catholic complex of several buildings, including two schools, arranged to form a rectangular space, at the centre of which is the church. It's a big building with a large twelve-sided main space, which is covered by a pointed dome, in between the nave and the choir. Despite this big central space and because of the conventional nave, the St. Gerardus Majella is not a purely centralizing church. The style in which it was built shows the inspiration Stuyt took from Romanesque and Byzantine architecture since his visit to Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) during his pilgrimage to Palestine in 1903. Part of the plan was a tower, which was never built. The church was closed for services in 1992 and was originally threathened by demolition. Eventually it was restored and rebuilt to accomodate several offices.






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