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Oeffelt (NB): Zoete Naam Jezus or San Salvator Mundi (N. van der Laan, 1954-1956)


Oeffelt is where in 1853 P.J.H. Cuypers built his very first church, replacing a Gothic church with a Romanesque tower. Unfortunately, Cuypers' church was destroyed in 1944 and its ruins were demolished later. After the war first a temporary church was built, while a new permanent church was built in 1955-1956. The new church was designed in 1954 by N. van der Laan, one of the leading members of the Bossche School, which is also the name of the style in which the church is built. As typical for the Bossche School, the church was modelled after early Christian basilicas but in a modern guise.
The three-aisled church has rather wide side-aisles which are covered by flat roofs. At the back, not seperately distinguishable, is a straight choir with a round tower at its right side. Unusually for this province, the church was built out of marlstone. Behind the church is a small building in neo-Gothic style, probably designed by Cuypers.
The original name Zoete Naam Jezus, a name introduced in 1864, was replaced with the old name San Salvator Mundi in 1989.











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