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Lage Mierde (NB): St. Stephanus

The church of Lage Mierde largely dates from the 15th century. The tower is an early example of Campine Gothic, the regional variant of Brabantine Gothic. Typical for this style are the rounded shape of the decorative niches and the heavy buttresses. A bit unusual of this tower is the difference in position of the buttresses. Those at the front are diagonally positioned, while those at the back are positioned square on the tower walls. The nave also is from the 15th century, and is of the basilican type, but with rather small windows in the clerestorey. This is also not unusual for this region. The original choir was replaced by a transept and a new choir, both in Neo-Gothic style and designed by J. van Gils, in 1912. The current spire on the tower is also by Van Gils.




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