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Hulsel (NB): St. Clemens (H.R. Hendriks, 1888-1889)

In 1809 the old church of hulsel, after having been in protestant hands for over 150 years, was restituted to the catholics of that village. Nothing remains of that church since it was demolished in 1888. That same year work began on a new church, designed by H.R. Hendriks, who had a building firm in Oss and was not a real architect. Yet, he managed to build an attractive little church. The neo-Romanesque style of the church was a little unusual for a catholic church of that time, when neo-Gothicism was still the standard. The church as it was built was a one-aisled cruciform building. The choir was replaced by a bigger one, designed by W.Th. van Aalst, in 1900. This new choir was also in neo-Romanesque style. Side-aisles were added in 1936-1937, probably by architect J. van der Valk from Tilburg. 

The church closed in November 2014. It was bought by a local builder, who transformed it into a house in 2016, leaving the exterior mostly intact. The pictures on this page were made in 2004.

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