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Goirle (NB): St. Johannes' Onthoofding (J.Th.J. Cuypers, 1897-1898)

In 1896 the church of Goirle was demolished. This Gothic church had been built in ca. 1450 and, despite neglected maintenance, had survived almost two centuries of protestant minority use when it returned in catholic hands in 1809. Partly as a result of several too drastic 'repairs' the church fell into decay in this period. In 1897 work began on a new church, designed by architect Jos. Cuypers. Of the old church only the 15th-century tower was saved, although it was increased in height with ten meters. The spire on the tower dates from 1953 and replaced the previous one that was destroyed in the war. The church itself is a fairly traditional three-aisled cruciform church in a simple neo-Gothic style. Cuypers' style in this period still derived a lot from that of his famous father, P.J.H. Cuypers.






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