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Eindhoven (NB): Verrijzeniskapel (Dom P. Bellot & P.J.J.M. Cuypers, 1922-1925)

The so-called Resurrectionchapel is part of the complex of the Augustinian monastery Mariënhage. Although a church had been added in 1898, that same year the monastery was extended with a boarding school which necessitated the further enlargement of the complex. A school was built behind the church in 1912-1913, but it soon became too small. 

In 1924 the school was extended with a new wing comprising, apart from and a free standing building housing a recreation room and a chapel. These extensions were designed by architect and monk Dom Paul Bellot in conjunction with P. Cuypers jr.. The exact contributions of the latter are unknown. The chapel is representative of Bellot's unique Expressionist style, inspired by Catalan architecture of the 19th century.

The chapel is currently in use as a church for students.




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