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Beek en Donk (NB): St. MichaŽl (H.W. Valk, 1933-1935)


This church was built as a replacement for a 19th-century church elsewhere in the village.
It's a christocentric church like so many designed by architect Valk. The central nave is wide, the side-aisles are narrow. The transept also has three-aisles. The choir is located at the crossing and is illuminated by a square crossing-tower. It's closed by a short apse. The crossing-tower is covered by a saddle-roof and originally was planned to be taller than the front tower.
The church was designed in the Traditionalistic style typical for this period in Valk's career, but with a slightly less robust tower than usual, and shows influences of a moderate form of Gothic. In the same period, Valk built the largely similar, but bigger church O.L.V. ten Hemelopneming in Doetinchem (G).












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