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Kronenberg (L): St. Teresia van het Kind Jezus (H.W. Valk, 1930-1931)

When architect H.W. Valk was commissioned to design a church for Kronenberg, this completely new village was only 70 families strong. Valk designed a small church but did give it some sense of monumentality.
The church is a very compact pseudo-basilican building, with many details reminding of Valk's earlier work. The three aisles are covered by a single roof. In each of the side-aisles there are two windows that, thanks to a construction with gables, are a bit higher than the walls. Valk used this feature more often in his work, and they are so similar to such windows on old churches in the province of Zuid-Holland that it seems the architect copied the old examples.
The most remarkable part of the church is the short tower, which has a saddle-roof between two gables. These are stepped gables, similar to those used by A.J. Kropholler in much of his profane work, with the steps being twice as heigh as they are wide. Such gables were unusual for Limburg, and were the cause of much critisism, according to which the church belonged in Friesland rather than in this part of the country. Similar steps are repeated at the back of the nave, where they mark the transition to the choir. The closure of the choir is almost pure Gothic. The church is supported by heavy buttresses in various places, all of which are stepped as well.





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