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Zuidbroek (Gr): reformed church or St. Petrus

This church dates from the end of the 13th century, when Romanogothic architecture reached its height. The walls are horizontally divided in two zones, of which the upper one is the biggest, allowing for taller windows and niches than before. In the lower zone are blind pointed niches. The eastern walls of the transept and the choir have small circular niches within these pointed niches, some of which are windows.
The church is one aisle wide and has a transept and a rectangular choir. When C.H. Peters in 1915 restored the church he replaced the eastern facade, which had been much altered in 1730, by a copy of the western one, in an attempt to restore the church back to its original state. This restoration also included the removal of all plaster from the outside and the reconstruction of the entrances in the transept. Inside most of the plaster was removed as well, with the exception of the murals.
Not unusual in this region for churches from this period is that the tower stands at some distance from the church. This tower is about as old as the church but was rebuilt in 1709.








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