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Wehe-Den Hoorn (Gr): St. Bonifatius (J.Th.J Cuypers & P. Cuypers jr., 1927)

Wehe-Den Hoorn is the name of the combination of two once seperate villages, Wehe and Den Hoorn. While Wehe became protestant during the Reformation, like most of the region, Den Hoorn remained a catholic enclave thanks to the local nobility that refused to become protestant. The St. Bonifatius is located in the latter part of the village and was preceded by several buildings. In the late 18th century a barn-church was built, which was replaced in 1803 by a true church. That church in its turn was replaced by the current one in 1927, which was built more to the west than the old one.

The current church is a three-aisled building, designed by father and son Jos and Pierre Cuypers in their characteristic Expressionist style that shows the influence of the work of French monk and architect Dom Bellot, especially in the shapes of the windows. Like many churches designed by these two architects, this church has side-aisles that are made up of chapels with pointed gables and seperate roofs square on the nave. At the front of the church, next to the nave, is a tower with a spire in Baroque style. The choir is narrower and lower than the nave and has a straight closure.

Because the construction proved to be unstable, diagonal buttresses were added to the nave after the church was completed.





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