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Thesinge (Gr): reformed church

The reformed church of Thesinge, or rather part of it, is all that remains of the Benedictine monastery and convent Germania that was founded in the mid-12th century. While most of the complex was demolished by 1629, when the protestants had made an end to religious life, the church was allowed to survive a bit longer. However, of the church, once known as the St. Felicitas, only the eastern part survived after the rest of the building was eventually demolished in 1786.
The church was built in the second half of the 13th century and must have been a big cruciform building in Romanogothic style. However, many of what look like niches typical for this style, are in fact closed-in arches and openings that once led to spaces that no longer exist. A series of small arches on the north side may have been a triforium.
After most of the old church had been demolished in 1786, the walls of the remaing part were lowered and the vaults removed. A new part was built on the west side to compensate for the lost space and a new ceiling and roof with tower were added.





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