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Krewerd (Gr): reformed church

The church of Krewerd is a one-aisled building that consists of three traves, the eastern one of which is the straight choir. The church was built in ca. 1280 in rich Romanogothic style. Typical for late 13th-century Romanogothic churches of this region is the way the walls are divided horizontally in two zones. The lower zone has undeep niches in the shape of pointed arches, as well as some rounded openings,  while the upper zone of both the western  trave and the choir each have a tall but narrow window flanked by niches filled with decorative brickwork. At the north side the western trave only has one niche. While the second trave has the pointed windows it lacks the niches. The upper ends of the northern and southern walls are decorated by series of small arches as well. The eastern wall, which closes the choir, has three pointed windows in its upper zone. Originally this wall had a gable, but that was removed in the 19th century.
In ca. 1400 the tower was added on the west side, blocking most of the facade. This tower is much sparsely ornamented, and its main decorations are the niches around the sounding holes. On three of its sides these are formed like pointed arches; only at the front the niche is rounded. At the north side is a polygonal stair-turret. An entrance  was added to the front of the tower in 1782.









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