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Harkstede (Gr): reformed church

Although Gothicism had already lost most if its popularity over a hundred years before, a purely Gothic church was built in Harkstede as late as 1692, designed by mason Henric Coeur and carpenter Geert van der Aa by commission of Henric Piccardt and his wife Anna Elisabeth Rengers. It was completed in 1700 and was built against the tower of the church's predecessor, which had been at some distance to the north-east of the current church and was not attached to its tower. The old church was demolished in 1691.
The church has a single-aisled nave with has a polygonal, choir-like closure. Standing square on the nave, and completing the cruciform groundplan of the church, is a two-storey 'transept-arm' which contains a vicarage, a meeting room and the mausoleum of the founders of the church, who are commerated by a memorial stone in the facade above the entrance.


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