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Doezum (Gr): reformed church

The church of Doezum, dedicated to St. Vitus until the Reformation, is a largely Romanesque one-aisled building with a saddle-roof tower, like so many churches in the northern provinces. Its oldest part is the 12th-century tower, its upper part excluded, and the reduced westwork. As usual for that period, this part of the church was built of  tuff. In ca. 1200 the choir was built, this time using bricks. Although it has a polygonal closure, the apse is semi-circular on the inside. Of the original nave nothing remains; it was rebuilt in the 16th century and part of its tuff stones were used to heighten the tower. The new nave was again replaced in 1808 by the current brick one in simple neo-Classical style. At the same time the northern part of the reduced westwork was demolished and the remaing arches closed with bricks. During a restoration in 1954-1957 an entrance was added to the west side of the tower, thus further damaging the image of the reduced westwork.








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