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Zoelen (G): reformed church or Stefanuskerk


There is very little known about the history of the church of Zoelen. Although a church in the village was mentioned in 1395, that must have been a predecessor of the current church. The Stefanuskerk was built in three stages between ca. 1450 and 1550. The oldest part of this church is the tower, which was built in the mid-15th century and shows influences of Utrecht/Sticht Gothic as well as of Lower Rhine Gothic. The first three segments are clad with tuff and have no buttresses. The upper segment is entirely of brick and has diagonally positioned buttresses at the corners, a feature found at more towers in Lower Rhine Gothic style.

In the second half of the 15th century the rectangular choir and the sacristy were built. The three-aisled pseudo-basilican nave dates from ca. 1545. The shape of the windows, a three-centered arch, is original and is an element of late Gothic that is rare in the Netherlands, although the Maartenskerk in nearby Tiel has similar windows. The coat of white plaster is a later protestant addition. The church has been protestant since 1576.




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